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EGIR Online Marketing

For an online business to be successful it must first innovate and then market. Innovation is simply entering a product, market or niche but doing it better. Online Marketing is imperative for getting more visitors and subsequently increasing conversions (or sales). If you're website is struggling, its guaranteed to be in one of these 2 key ... [Read more]

EGIR Formula for Website Success

Success online isn't achieved by mediocrity, wishful thinking or luck. Its simply a case of following a specific Formula, that once applied generates whatever you choose, whenever you choose to implement it. A formula that consistently delivers is built on education, experience, hard graft and real results and until you've been in the web ... [Read more]

EGIR eCommerce Website Solutions, Software & Strategy

Looking to sell online? EGIR have designed ecommerce sites since 2000. Having sold products online since 2000 we have the real life experience and results to help you set up your online webshop, add products and get orders, fast! Using a tried and tested robust ecommerce solution (eTaila), with key features that will convert your traffic ... [Read more]

EGIR Website and SEO Portfolio

A complete website and SEO portfolio and examples coming soon. Check out these sites below as a quick example. Contact Us for more information. Parking Dynamics Take the risk out of parking and reversing with this invisible when fitted front and rear Parking Sensor Technology. Using a Discrete, Unique, No Holes in Bumper, ... [Read more]

EGIR Business Strategy

E-commerce, CMS & Simple Website Design, Development & SEO Strategy and Consultancy Simplified based on 14 yrs 'in-field' experience with Real Results. High Quality Websites that convert traffic & SEO services delivered to you fast that make you money from day 1! Please only serious businesses owners with a robust budget read ... [Read more]

EGIR Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Solutions & Strategy

Search Engine Optimisation commonly known as SEO is the strategy of boosting your website ranking in the Google search engine results for your chosen and targeted keywords and keyphrases. SEO is implemented on-site and off-site each having a synergistic effect with and affecting your desired growth in traffic to your website and ultimately ... [Read more]


In-Car Digital

The E-commerce Get It Right!book woke me up to the potential of e-commerce and how successful online businesses operate and can make big profits. It taught me to change the way I viewed e-commerce! As a result my sales increased from 3 to 17 a day within 30 days of reading the book and implementing what’s inside.

Paul, In-Car Digital

Funky Footwear

I‘ve been selling online since 2003 on and off of eBay, and I thought I had E-commerce mastery. But using the E-commerce Get It Right!book and the techniques, the no-nonsense approach and the practical tips inside opened up a whole new realm of e-commerce profits for my e-commerce websites.

Dean, Funky Footwear

Hancocks Jewellers

I was able to approach my e-commerce website with a new plan, increasing sales from 1 in 300 visitors-to-buyers to 1 in 75. Using this e-commerce guide gives me new options, and on every page I find gems that I can immediately action on the live website. My advice, read it now.

Steve, Hancocks Jewellers

E-commerce Get It Right!

Written in a no holds barred style... This new, exclusive and timeless Step-by-Step E-commerce Guide, will show you everything you need to know about achieving success with your own e-commerce business and website. Whether you're an e-commerce startup, or already have an existing e-commerce business or Read more